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This is Sociology

This is Sociology
A Short Introduction

August 2021 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is Sociology is a progressive, engaging and concise introduction to the key concepts for studying social life. It shows how sociology can help us understand our lives, the groups we are part of, and the rapid social changes and inequalities that shape contemporary societies.

Key features:

  • Using compelling international examples, this book covers what you need to know from the rich history of sociology and goes beyond traditional perspectives.
  • Introduces you to the latest approaches emerging from efforts to build an inclusive global sociology equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Tackles topics such as gender, race, and class through a diverse range of theoretical perspectives from across the world, including theorists that have often been excluded from the established western narrative.

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Chapter 1: What is Sociology?
Chapter 2: The Foundations of Sociology
Chapter 3: Critiquing the Sociological Canon: Building a More Inclusive Sociology
Chapter 4: Globalization
Chapter 5: Social Selves
Chapter 6: Culture and Media
Chapter 7: Class
Chapter 8: Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 9: Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 10: Changing the world

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