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Meredith Reid Sarkees Global Women's Leadership in International Security (GWLIS)

Meredith Reid Sarkees is a long-time affiliate of the Correlates of War (COW) Project, having worked with COW founder J. David Singer for many years. She has served as host or co-host of the datasets on inter-state, extra-state, intra-state, and non-state wars for over twenty years and has published a number of articles about the trends in warfare. A handbook on all of the COW wars, Resort to War 1816–2007, was written by Sarkees and Frank Whelon Wayman. Sarkees also co-edited Advancing Peace Research: Leaving Traces, Selected Articles by J. David Singer with Jody Lear and Diane Macaulay as a testament to the significance of the COW project and Singer’s work. Sarkees’s other research area focuses upon women’s leadership and the status of women in both academia and the realm of international relations. She co-authored with Nancy E. McGlen a groundbreaking study of the women serving in American foreign policy institutions, Women in Foreign Policy. Sarkees currently serves as president of Global Women’s Leadership in International Security (GWLIS).