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Case Studies to Engage Every Family

Case Studies to Engage Every Family
Implementing the Five Simple Principles

Foreword by Darla Edwards

School Culture

February 2023 | 136 pages | Corwin

Partnering with families just got easier

In his bestselling book, Engage Every Family, Dr. Steve Constantino introduced school leaders to the five simple principles of family engagement: a pathway and process designed to bring all families into the school community—including those that have traditionally been disengaged or disenfranchised. This official companion book, co-authored by Dr. Margaret Constantino, uses examples and exercises to aid in the implementation of those principles.

Organized around a collection of rich, diverse case studies mirroring challenges educators face every day, this hands-on workbook offers opportunities to address your own school’s current conditions, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and use best practices to support every student by engaging every family. Features include

  • 20 carefully constructed case studies illustrating the five simple principles
  • Adaptable processes and strategies to apply at the classroom, school, and district level
  • Prompts to aid in identifying root causes of common engagement issues so you can successfully support each student
  • Questions to guide reflection, discussion, and deeper thinking about each case

To give students their best chance at success, we must ensure coordinated support at school and at home. This workbook gives educators the tools, materials, and ideas they need to reach every family—no matter the situation—and partner with them to grow their students’ achievement.

Foreword by Darla Edwards
About the Authors
Introduction: A Quick review of the Five Principles
Principle 1: Creating a Culture That Engages Every Family
Principle 2: Communicate Effectively and Develop Relationships
Principle 3: Build Family Efficacy
Principle 4: Engage Every Family in Decision Making
Principle 5: Engage the Greater Community
A Call to Action

Case Studies to Engage Every Family is a valuable tool for all educators! The case studies allow us to apply theory to our own experiences so we can begin to be problem solvers. Constantino's systematic approach helps educators to fully understand that only when we change our thoughts and beliefs about what real engagement means, will we begin to see results.

Shannon Lang
Region 16 Educational Service Center

Steven and Margaret Constantino have their finger on the pulse of today’s challenging educational landscape. These case studies challenge our thinking for how we can more effectively engage families. Each case study provides a unique true-to-life scenario with thought-provoking questions to help foster educator–family relationships.

Paula Huffman
Enon Elementary

Strong family-school-community partnerships are more important than ever. However, most educators are not sure how to do it well or where to begin. This is the perfect guide, offering practical examples of how to bring the Five Simple Principles to life. These case studies resonate because they reflect common challenges. I encourage you to read it again and again.

S. Kwesi Rollins
Leadership & Engagement Institute for Educational Leadership

These case studies are detailed, thoughtful, realistic, and nuanced enough to allow for the types of rich discussions and thoughtful reflection that can change the climate and culture of a school and the nature of school-family partnerships. The step-by-step process makes it easy to analyze the scenarios and apply the principles to real-life interactions with families.  

Patricia Weinzapfel

A companion piece to Engage Every Family, this book provides the what and the how of engaging families in the educational process. In every case study, I recognized a scenario I have experienced in my ten years as a Family Engagement Specialist. Reading this work built my capacity to strengthen authentic family engagement for EVERY family.

Megan Roedl

This is an extraordinary inclusion of scenarios relevant to diverse school communities.

Cathern Wildey
Southeastern University

The book offers a variety of examples that allow educators to make connections to their own practice.

Heath Peine
Student Support Services

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