Case Study Research and Applications

Case Study Research and Applications
Design and Methods

Sixth Edition

September 2017 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Providing a complete portal to the world of case study research, the Sixth Edition of Robert K. Yin's bestselling text Case Study Research and Applications offers comprehensive coverage of the design and use of the case study method in addition to an integration of applications. The book's coverage of case study research along with the applications gives readers access to exemplary case studies drawn from a wide variety of academic and applied fields. The integration of applications will enable users to see more directly how concrete case studies can implement the principles of case study research methods.
Chapter 1. Getting Started: How to Know Whether and When to Use the Case Study as a Research Method
Doing Case Study Research  
Comparing Case Studies With Other Social Science Research Methods  
Variations In Case Studies, But A Common Definition  
Addressing Traditional Concerns About Case Study Research  
Notes To Chapter 1  
Chapter 2. Designing Case Studies: Identifying Your Case(S) And Establishing The Logic Of Your Case Study
General Approach To Designing Case Studies  
The Role Of Theory In Research Designs  
Criteria For Judging The Quality Of Research Designs  
Case Study Research Designs  
Modest Advice In Selecting Case Study Designs  
Notes To Chapter 2  
Chapter 2. Application #1: An Exploratory Case Study: How New Organizational Practices Become Routinized
Chapter 2. Application #2: Defining The “Case” In A Case Study Linking Job Training And Economic Development Initiatives At The Local Level
Chapter 2. Application #3: How “Discovery Can Occur In The Field: Social Stratification In A Mid-Sized Community
Chapter 3. Preparing To Collect Case Study Evidence: What You Need To Do Before Starting To Collect Case Study Data
The Case Study Researcher: Desired Skills And Values  
Preparation And Training For A Specific Case Study  
The Case Study Protocol  
Screening The Candidate Cases For Your Case Study  
The Pilot Case Study  
Notes To Chapter 3  
Chapter 4. Collecting Case Study Evidence: The Principles You Should Follow In Working With Six Sources Of Evidence
Six Sources Of Evidence  
Four Principles Of Data Collection  
Notes To Chapter 4  
Chapter 4. Application #4: Doing Interviews In The Field: Citizens On Patrol
Chapter 4. Application #5: Making Field Observations First Day In An Urban Neighborhood
Chapter 4. Application #6: Assembling A Question-And-Answer Database A Case Study Of A Community Organization
Chapter 5. Analyzing Case Study Evidence: How To Start Your Analysis, Your Analytic Choices, And How They Work
An Analytic Strategy: More Than Familiarity With Analytic Tools  
Five Analytic Techniques  
Pressing For A High-Quality Analysis  
Notes To Chapter 5  
Chapter 5. Application #7: Using A Case Study To Compare Directly Competing Rival Hypotheses: Whether Military Base Closures Produce Catastrophic Economic Impacts Or Not
Chapter 5. Application #8: A Nutshell Example Of An Explanatory Case Study: How A Federal Award Affected A University Computer Department
Chapter 5. Application #9: An Explanatory Case Study: Transforming A Business Firm Through Strategic Planning
Chapter 6. Reporting Case Studies: How And What To Compose
Audiences For Case Study Reports  
Varieties Of Case Study Compositions  
Procedures In Composing A Case Study Report  
What Makes An Exemplary Case Study?  
Notes To Chapter 6  
Chapter 6. Application #10: A Multiple-Case Study Integrating Qualitative And Quantitative Data: Proposal Processing At 17 Universities
Appendix A. A Note On The Uses Of Case Study Research In Psychology
Appendix B. A Note On The Uses Of Case Study Research In Evaluations
Appendix B. Application #11: An Evaluation Case Study: Evaluation Of A Community Coalition’s Campaign

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