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Entrepreneurial Journalism

Entrepreneurial Journalism
How to Build What's Next for News

October 2011 | 352 pages | CQ Press

Launch yourself into the new news economy. The digital revolution that provides so many options for news consumers also means massive opportunity for journalists. The trick: see the disruption as an opening you can attack. Entrepreneurial Journalism will inspire you with what's possible and show you the mechanics behind building a business. Working through eight clear and concise stages, you'll explore the secrets of successful news startups (including how they're making money) and learn how to be an upstart yourself, building an innovative and sustainable news business from scratch.

Each chapter starts with a real entrepreneur's experience, teasing out how savvy and opportunistic journalists found their way to success. Mark Briggs then helps you size up the market, harness technology, turn your idea into a product or service, explore revenue streams, estimate costs, and launch. "Build Your Business" action items at the end of each chapter get you thinking through each step of your business plan. Discover how traditional news organizations are evolving and innovating, where the jobs are today and where the new jobs will be tomorrow. Learn from the pioneers, and become one.

Understand the News Ecosystem
Get Inspired by Success
Go Where the Money Is
Don't Wait; Innovate
Turn Your Idea into a Business
Build Your Business Know-How
Harness Technology
Go To Market

For students looking to develop their own 'brand' or set up their own business, this is an excellent 'how to' guide, covering essential information.

Mrs Deborah Robinson
Department of Journalism, University of Central Lancashire
March 9, 2015

Topical content with ideas on every page.

Dr Kevin Rafter
School of Communications, Dublin City University (DCU)
March 27, 2013

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