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Improving Organizational Effectiveness through Transformational Leadership

Improving Organizational Effectiveness through Transformational Leadership

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October 1993 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Recipient of the 1994 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award "This effort to explore the applications of transformational leadership in diverse organizational processes is commendable. The work will provide several new issues in the study of transformational leadership. Another noteworthy feature of the book is its attempt to integrate theory and practice.... This book will be useful for academic researchers, teachers, trainers and senior level managers. It will also be a useful new addition for every library." --Management and Labour Studies "Undoubtedly the editors and authors have conducted some worthwhile research which can encourage the growth of effective organizations." --The Journal of Academic Librarianship "If you're looking for a compact volume by eight of the leading advocates of transformational leadership, Bernard M. Bass and Bruce J. Avolio have just what you want at a reasonable paperback price. . . . Contains ten tightly written chapters. . . . The scope is wide ranging. The practicing manager will find a lot of interesting and useful material in this book. . . . Provides valuable insights for an organization that is thinking of instituting a transformational leadership program." --The Journal of Leadership Studies "Tells how transformational leadership goes beyond transactional leadership by providing a role model, meaning, and challenge; generating awareness of vision and mission; developing others to higher levels of ability and potential; and motivating colleagues and followers to look beyond personal to group interests. . . . Contains executive summaries and notes. Stimulating." --Stern's HR Management Review How can managers bring about optimum performance from the individuals in their organizations? What leadership techniques produce the most effective organizations? Improving Organizational Effectiveness Through Transformational Leadership explains the theory and practice of this dynamic and innovative leadership style that challenges and motivates an entire organization--top to bottom. The transformational leader encourages followers by acting as a role model, motivating through inspiration, stimulating intellectually, and giving individualized consideration for needs and goals. The result is individual, group, and organizational achievement beyond expectations. Each chapter deals with how transformational leadership affects important issues in today's organizations, such as delegation, teamwork, decision making, total quality management, and corporate reorganization. With a cast of contributors from the forefront of leadership studies, this book is a must for both the scholar and the enlightened manager who strive for improvement for his or her organization.

Bernard M Bass and Bruce J Avolio
Karl W Kuhnert
Transforming Leadership
Developing People Through Delegation

Francis J Yammarino
Indirect Leadership
Transformational Leadership at a Distance

David C Atwater and Bernard M Bass
Transformational Leadership in Teams
David A Waldman
Transformational Leadership in Multifunctional Teams
Bernard M Bass
Transformational Leadership and Team and Organizational Decision Making
Bruce J Avolio
The Alliance of Total Quality and the Full Range of Leadership
Leanne E Atwater and David C Atwater
Organizational Transformation
Strategies for Change and Improvement

K Galen Kroeck
Corporate Reorganization and Transformations in Human Resource Management
Bruce J Avolio and Bernard M Bass
Conclusions and Implications

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ISBN: 9780803952362