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Power and Influence in Organizations

Power and Influence in Organizations

  • Roderick M. Kramer - Stanford University, Center for the Study of Families and Youth, Stanford University, USA
  • Margaret A. Neale - Stanford University, Center for the Study of Families and Youth

© 1998 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume is a readily accessible compilation of current, original research in the area of power and influence in organizations. Power and Influence in Organizations offers a rich exploration of emerging trends and new perspectives. Contributors include leading scholars in organizational behavior and theory and major contemporary intellectual pioneers in research on power and influence, including Samuel B. Bacharach, Robert Cialdini, Edward J. Lawler, and Jeffrey Pfeffer. Each contributor provides insight into his or her own research, an overview of general trends, and thoughts about the direction of future research. Topics examined include manipulation of employee perceptions and values; the links between power and accountability; sharing power; the effects of gender on power and influence; illusions of influence; and impression management. Advanced students and scholars in organizational behavior, social influence, power and politics, conflict management, and institutional politics will find Power and Influence in Organizations stimulating and a useful roadmap to present and future research.
Roderick M Kramer and Margaret A Neale
Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert B Cialdini
Illusions of Influence
David Krackhardt
Simmelian Ties
Super Strong and Sticky  
Kathleen L Valley and Tracy A Thompson
Sticky Ties and Bad Attitudes
Relational and Individual Bases of Resistance to Change in Organizational Structure  
Samuel B Bacharach and Edward J Lawler
Political Alignments in Organizations
Contextualization, Mobilization and Coordination  
Blake E Ashforth and Fred A Mael
The Power of Resistance
Sustaining Valued Identities  
Philip E Tetlock
Losing Our Religion
On the Precariousness of Precise Normative Standards in Complex Accountability Systems  
Roderick M Kramer and Benjamin A Hanna
Under the Influence? Organizational Paranoia and the Misperception of Others' Influence Behavior
David M Messick and Rafal K Ohme
Some Ethical Aspects of the Social Psychology of Social Influence
Robert J Bies and Thomas M Tripp
Two Faces of the Powerless
Coping with Tyranny in Organizations  
Ronald S Burt
Personality Correlates of Structural Holes
Tom R Tyler
The Psychology of Authority Relations
A Relational Perspective on Influence and Power in Groups  
Ruth Wageman and Elizabeth A Mannix
Uses and Misuses of Power in Task-Performing Teams
Laurie A Rudman
To Be or Not To Be (Self-Promoting)
The Consequences of Counterstereotypical Impression Management  
Joanne Martin and Debra Meyerson
Women and Power
Conformity, Resistance, and Disorganized Coaction  
Susan J Ashford
Championing Charged Issues
The Case of Gender Equity within Organizations  

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