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Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis
Key Approaches

Edited by:

January 2023 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With numerous approaches to choose from, knowing where to start when doing qualitative data analysis (QDA) can be a challenge. This book gives you direction with an accessible and thorough introduction to nine different approaches to QDA, written by a multi-disciplinary team with years of experience teaching and analysing data using these methods.  

With a clear focus on the ‘how to’ of QDA, each chapter includes:   
•Step-by-step descriptions of how to apply each approach in your research 
•Online and in-text activities to help you practice your skills 
•Annotated reading lists so you can dig deeper into key topics 
•Case studies from a range of disciplines so you can see how each approach works in practice. 

The perfect companion on your journey through QDA, the book also offers a comprehensive introduction to the use of NVivo QDA software, helping both new and experienced researchers get to grips with the essentials. 


Introduction: Walking On and Off the Beaten Track
Critical Discourse Analysis: The Articulation of Power and Ideology in Texts
Grounded Theory: Key Principles and Two Different Approaches
Narrative Analysis: Analysing ‘Small Stories’ in Social Sciences
NVivo: An Introduction to Textual Qualitative Data-Analysis with Software
Process-Tracing: Making Single Case Studies Transparent and Convincing
Qualitative Comparative Analysis: A Qualitative Method for Uncovering Complex Causal Relations
Qualitative Content Analysis: A Practical Introduction
Textual Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Studying Texts in Media and Cultural Studies
Thematic Analysis: An Analytical Method in Its Own Right
Conclusion: Comparing Destinations and Road Maps

This book is to be applauded. Not only does it introduce students to different forms of qualitative analysis, it also helps them choose amongst these and put them into practice. This is all too rare. 

Martyn Hammersley
Emeritus Professor of Educational and Social Research, The Open University, UK

Stevens explains the different approaches to analysing qualitative data well and will be useful for undergraduates looking to undertake a qualitative project.

Dr Kat Cartmell
Department of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire
February 18, 2024

A must read for all qualitative researchers.

Mr Paul Edward Matthews
Gloucestershire Business School, Gloucestershire University
July 14, 2023

This is a very informative book that has become a firm favourite with students on our programme. The book is well presented, clearly focused, and the reference list at the end of chapters is a useful tool for further reading.

Mrs Kathy Humberstone
Dept of Psychology (Kedleston Cps), Derby University
September 26, 2023

It introduces the students to the basic approaches to data analysis. It is an easy-to-understand text.

Dr Omololu Fagbadebo
Faculty of Management Sciences, Durban University of Technology
June 2, 2023

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