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Sensemaking in Organizations

Sensemaking in Organizations

  • Karl E. Weick - University of Michigan, USA, University of Michigan Business School, USA

May 1995 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Finalist for the George Terry Award sponsored by the Academy of Management "This lovely and important book is the clearest, most complete, and interesting statement of sensemaking in organizations available. . . . It will have an impact on both new and experienced scholars." --Bob Sutton, Stanford University "Weick is artful. He masterfully constructs the sensemaking theoretical framework so that it can be better understood by the general scholar and in the process provides the reader with the sensemaking experience." --Kathleen Sutcliffe, University of Minnesota The teaching of organization theory and the conduct of organizational research have been dominated by a focus on decision making and the conception of strategic rationality. The rational model, however, ignores the inherent complexity and ambiguity of real-world organizations and their environments. Karl E. Weick's new landmark volume, Sensemaking in Organizations, highlights how the "sensemaking" process--the creation of reality as an ongoing accomplishment that takes form when people make retrospective sense of the situations in which they find themselves--shapes organizational structure and behavior. Some of the topics Weick thoroughly covers are the concept, uniqueness, historical roots, varieties and occasions, general properties, and the future of sensemaking research and practice. Expertly written, Sensemaking in Organizations is the volume that students, scholars, and professors of organization and management studies must have.

The Nature of Sensemaking
Seven Properties of Sensemaking
Sensemaking in Organizations
Occasions for Sensemaking
The Substance of Sensemaking
Belief-Driven Processes of Sensemaking
Action-Driven Processes of Sensemaking
The Future of Sensemaking

A great book for discussing and analyzing leadership

Mrs Mette Apollo Rasmussen
Comm Department , Business & Information Technology, University of Roskilde
December 8, 2015

Text seems to complement others we are using to address desired topics. Students find the text a challenging read, but the information is timely and important.

Professor Iris Johnson
Education, Louisiana State University Shreveport
April 13, 2015

Somewhat of a tough read for our students, but the information is timely and critical for our program.

Professor Iris Johnson
Education, Louisiana State University Shreveport
August 20, 2014

Currently reviewing a wide set of literature in order restructure the entire course. Weick is a well know scholar and I have heard several positive reviews on this book.

Magnus Hansson
Centre for Emprical Research on Organizational Control (CEROC), School of Business
April 8, 2014

Although this isn't a core text for our PR, Advertising & Marketing students, I consider it a must-have for dissertation projects as so many students choose to explore crises, issues and other events where sensemaking becomes part of the ensuing communication activity.

Dr Clea Bourne
Media and Communication, Goldsmiths College
May 25, 2013

Well-presented & well-written concepts. A fresh perspective which nurtures critical thinking and engagements with organisational theory.

Ms Chrysavgi Sklaveniti
Dept of Management (Grad Sch of Bus), Strathclyde University
November 22, 2012

As always Weicks insights are inspiring, but the will not replace the currently used one which is more comprehensive. The book is great supplemental reading for students interested in sensemaking.

Mr Johan Jacobsen
Dept Language & Business Communication, Aarhus School of Business
January 4, 2012

superb text book that is now adopted as mandatory reading for all students completing qualitative research at masters degree and doctoral level

Ms Catherine O'Reilly
Education, Instititute of Public Administration
May 31, 2010

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