The Elections of 2016

The Elections of 2016

March 2017 | 256 pages | CQ Press
Bringing together a host of distinguished scholars, Michael Nelson's The Elections of 2016 reliably delivers a nuanced analysis of yet another momentous cycle of political contests. No other single volume can expose your students to the depth of analysis and expertise in this title. Whether discussing particular races or taking a broader look at the national trends, these contributors captivate students with engaging stories and political drama, while weaving in important scholarship and expert analysis. Available mere months after the election, each chapter, written specifically for this volume, offers readers historical perspective as well as a look forward at the implications for the American political system.
Michael Nelson
The Setting: Broadening the Presidential Talent Pool---for Better and Worse
William G. Mayer
The Nominations: The Road to a Much-Disliked General Election
Marc J. Hetherington
The Election: The Allure of the Outsider
Nicole E. Mellow
Voting Behavior: Continuity and Confusion in the Electorate
Marjorie Randon Hershey
The Media: Covering Donald Trump
Marian Currinder
Campaign Finance: Where Big Money Mattered and Where It Didn’t
Gary C. Jacobson
Congress: Nationalized, Polarized, and Partisan
Paul J. Quirk
The Presidency: Donald Trump and the Question of Fitness
Andrew Rudalevige
The Meaning of the 2016 Election: The President as Minority Leader
Key features
  • Provides an overview of Donald Trump’s campaign to help students understand the context and factors that led to him winning the election.
  • Thorough analysis of the role that media and money played in the elections provides a framework for understanding election results.
  • Provides insights into Congressional elections, their outcomes, and impact.
  • On an incredibly fast production cycle, this volume publishes just 5 months after the election, bringing needed insight and analysis of the 2016 elections.
  • Tables, figures, and maps effectively display data and data analysis.

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