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The Nurse's Guide to Mental Health Medicines

The Nurse's Guide to Mental Health Medicines

Second Edition

May 2022 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A book written by nurses for nurses providing a simple guide to the most common medicines.

Spanning 8 concise and highly readable chapters, the book explains the pharmacology of different drug types in simple terms while also considering the practical aspects of working with people requiring mental health medicines. 

Key features:

  • A detailed 'Medicines List' contained in each chapter providing the key information on dosages, brand names and possible adverse reactions
  • Takes a life course approach highlighting specific considerations for children, pregnancy and older people
  • Cuts through the complex terminology with clear and simple language supported by real world case studies

1. Antidepressant Medications
2. Mood-Stabilising Medications
3. Medications for Managing Anxiety
4. Medicines for Alcohol and Drug Dependence - by Emily Floyd
5. Antipsychotic Medication
6. Medicines for Rapid Tranquillisation
7. Medication Used for the Management of Dementia - by Sara Soames
Appendix: Drug Calculations

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