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Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma
A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

May 1995 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"A scholar and clinician of great courage, wisdom, and empathy, Anna C. Salter has written an outstanding book. Pulling together diverse research and theory, she challenges unexamined assumptions and routine interventions. She has created a thoughtful, practical guide that deserves to be on every clinician's bookshelf." --Ken Pope, Ph.D., ABPP, Private Practice, Los Angeles, and author of Sexual Involvement with Therapists "Highly recommended. Contents include sadistic versus nonsadistic offenders; effects of child sexual abuse; victim thinking, links between offender and victim apology, and forgiveness managing chronic pain." --Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin Book Club How does trauma affect the worldview of victims? What are the steps of therapy for adult survivors? How do sadistic and nonsadistic sex offenders think differently, and what are the different footprints they leave on the psyche of survivors? And how can trauma be transformed, not just endured? If you're working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse and child sex offenders, these are some of the questions that you must address. Anna C. Salter extends the way in which victimology is construed in this milestone volume, using clinical illustrations as well as an empathetic approach. At the same time practical, accessible, and scientific, this book also introduces new concepts, such as "benign transformation" and "malignant competition" and provides a thorough discussion of affective flashbacks and triggers. Transforming Trauma is an essential resource for all professionals and advanced students working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse and child sex offenders. "A fascinating text on the treatment of adult sexual abuse survivors. . . . Building on the insights of Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims, Dr. Salter refines what we know and provides new tools and perspectives. This new book constantly acknowledges the micro and macro social environments in which the abuse occurred and the survivor lives, and incorporates this awareness into therapeutic theory and practice. . . . This is an important book, and our field is exceedingly lucky to have it." --from the Foreword by John N. Briere "With Transforming Trauma, Anna C. Salter establishes a milestone in the expanding consciousness of sexual victimization. . . . Until now, we have dared look only at pieces of the victimization picture puzzle, like gathering corners, frames, and central clusters without risking the difficult moves that would integrate the several fragments into a coherent picture. Transforming Trauma puts these pieces together." --from the Foreword by Roland C. Summit Click on link to see videos by Anna Salter

What Do We Know about Sex Offenders and What Does It Mean?
The Deviant Cycle
Sadistic versus Nonsadistic Offenders and Their Effects on Victims
Apology and Forgiveness in the Context of the Cycles of Adult Male Sex Offenders Who Abuse Children
Footprints on the Heart
Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Emotions

Sex Offenders in the Head
Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Victim Thinking

Managing Chronic Pain
Links between Offenders and Victims
Summing Up

Crossing Open Ground
Trauma and Transformation


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