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Using Counselling Skills in Social Work

Using Counselling Skills in Social Work

July 2012 | 192 pages | Learning Matters
This practical book enables students to develop key counselling skills that can help to enhance their practice and help to place the service-user at the centre of the decision making process. Relationship building will be a key area of the text and relevant counselling skills for achieving this in social work settings such as empathic responding will be illustrated in detail together with examples of dialogue and analysis of interventions. The role and importance of self-awareness will be discussed together with various exercises to develop the readers' own knowledge of themselves.

Counselling Skills and Social Work
Building Relationships
Empathic Responding
Overcoming Barriers
Using Challenging Skills to Raise Concerns
Service-Users Managing Their Own Lives
Working with Loss and Grief
Working with Conflict
Counselling Skills in Groupwork
Counselling Skills in Different Settings

Used as sound basis for theories in communications skills. Good easy text to read and understand. activity and case studies useful not only for full course dirction but also for use during placement supervision.

Miss Geana Wallace
School of Health & Social Care, Lincoln University
May 18, 2015

There are lots of good competitors for this book (e.g. Koprowska, Trevithick) but it offers a useful and wide ranging overview. Chapter on working with conflict is particularly welcome.

Mr Robin Sen
Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield
June 27, 2014

A good underpinning to skills for social workers.

Marie Price
Department of Social Work, Chichester University
April 25, 2013

Good references and points for discussion around professionalism and making challenges/dealing with conflicts in line with the PCF.

Mrs Sue Williams
Institute of Applied Social Studies, Birmingham University
March 7, 2013

Useful introduction

Philip Gilligan
Dept of Social Sciences & Humanities, Bradford University
January 22, 2013

This text enables students to understand the use if counselling skills in social work and the clear difference between social work practice and counselling.

Dr Natalie Kenely
Dept of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Malta
December 14, 2012

This text will be listed as supplementary reading to support students within the practice contact.

Mrs Kay Wall
Social Work Office (Redditch), North East Worcestershire College
December 14, 2012

This is an excellent book I will recommend for all students regardless of their placement type. It draws on the cores skills and values of social work, but in an accessible and readily translatable manner.

Mrs Marie Ramsden
Department of Social Work, Hull University
December 4, 2012

I really liked this book. Whilst SW students are unlikely to be called on to provide counselling, the skills that this book encourages students to develop are invaluable, backed up with clear explanations and a sound knowledge/value base. I will encourage students from yr 1 undergraduates through to Master's level students to read this book.

Mr Sam Miller
Division of Social Work, Huddersfield University
December 3, 2012

With the pressures on the social work curriculum to include vast amounts of material on law, policy, needs and practice settings it is very welcome to see a book on a method of intervention. This book is practical, clearly written and useful. I particularly liked the chapter divisions and the inclusion of challenging as well as empathic skills.

Professor Brian Taylor
Dept of Sociology & Appl'd Soc Studies, Ulster University
September 26, 2012

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