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Business and Society

Business and Society
Ethical, Legal, and Digital Environments

First Edition
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August 2020 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Business and Society: Ethical, Legal, and Digital Environments prepares students for the modern workplace by exploring the opportunities and challenges they will face in today's interconnected, global economy. The author team discusses legal and ethical issues throughout and uses real-world cases to provide students with a holistic understanding of stakeholder issues. Chapters on social media and citizen movements, big data and hacking, and privacy in the digital age provide in-depth coverage of how technology is transforming the relationship between organizations and consumers. 




1. Stakeholder and Shareholder Theories of the Firm
2. Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Ethics and Ethical Reasoning
4. Organizations and Public Policy
5. Liability, Business Agreements, and Managing Risk
6. Government Regulation of Organization
7. Environment and Sustainability
8. Employees and the Corporation
9. Managing a Diverse Workforce
10. Financial Systems and Society
11. International and Multinational Organizations
12. Social Media
13. Big Data and Hacking
14. Privacy in the Digital Age
15. Corporate Personhood
16. Globalization


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"A comprehensive look at societal issues and challenges of the day, dabbling in legal issues of importance and relevance to the current business community."

Joy Turnheim Smith
Elizabeth City State University

"A well-written text which discusses organizational issues involving ethics, social responsibility, and stakeholder theories of management."

John R. Lego
Pennsylvania State University

"A novel approach compared to the typical business and society texts currently available. Very well thought through!"

Bernie Hayen
Kansas State University

"The text uses very relevant and interesting examples that students would be engaged in. The topics are explained in a clear manner with many great examples to use for discussion in class."

Mary Ann Gaal
Franklin Pierce University
Key features
  • Case studies on real-world companies including Juul, Uber, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Amazon keep students engaged.
  • Law & Society features provide an in-depth summary of a recent legal case and ask students to think more broadly about decisions and how they might impact society and business.  
  • Ethics in Context features examine relevant and thought-provoking ethical challenges that raise multiple issues for stakeholders. Students are asked to apply different ethical frameworks and offer alternative solutions.
  • Manager’s Challenge exercises provide stakeholder dilemmas to stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving as students grapple with competing interests.
  • Point-Counterpoints present conflicting views or positions about a relevant chapter topic to illustrate that not every issue is black and white.

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