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Social Work with Children, Young People and their Families in Scotland

Social Work with Children, Young People and their Families in Scotland

Third Edition

May 2014 | 240 pages | Learning Matters
This fully-updated and revised third edition addresses the changes to law and practice in relation to adoption and permanency, the children’s hearing system and the implications of the provisions of the Children and Young People (S) Act 2014 and other related matters, including the National Practice Model of GIRFEC. This is the only text to provide coverage of the new legal, policy and practice landscape of social work with children and families in Scotland, and as such, it is an indispensable guide for students, newly-qualified social workers, managers and practice teachers and a range of other professionals in health, education, the police and others in cognate disciplines.

The Legal, Policy and Practice Context
Working Together: Collaboration and Effective Practice
Working with and Providing Support to Children, Young People and Their Families
The Children’s Hearing System and Youth Justice
Child Protection
Looked After and Accommodated Children and Young People, Permanency and Adoption

This is an excellent supplementary text to a third year module that covers international social work perspectives. I enjoyed the way the book linked similarities to social work practice in England in Wales in this field, but also clearly drawing out the distinctive differences. Students may well want to use Scotland for their summative assignment and this text would be a good starting point.

Mrs Kay Wall
Social Work Department, Kent State University
July 21, 2014

This provides not only useful information for comparison of child protection systems and procedures, but also some succinct summaries of theoretical perspectives.

Mr Dan Burrows
Cardiff School Of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metro University
June 17, 2014

Useful text for students in the Uk to read and refer to regarding differing practices.

Ms Allison Dunhill
Centre For Educational Studies, Hull University
June 2, 2014

An interesting supplement for students in Wales to understand how the Welsh system compares to other systems.

Mr Dan Burrows
Cardiff School Of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metro University
May 9, 2014

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