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Community Policing Today

Community Policing Today
Issues, Controversies, and Innovations

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October 2020 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written by an author team with experience in law enforcement and in the classroom, Community Policing Today explores the strategies police and communities can use to find long-term solutions to the public safety issues facing today’s communities, including gangs, high crime, and disproportionate minority contact. Framing community policing not as a program, but as a transformation from traditional policing that involves sweeping changes in the way police view their role and relationships with the community, the authors demonstrate how law enforcement officers can partner with the community to help facilitate problem-solving of public safety issues. With an emphasis on cutting-edge trends and impacts on community policing, this book offers students a better understanding of the complexity and promise of community policing today.


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Part I. Foundations of Community Policing
Chapter 1. Community Policing and Community Issues
Chapter 2. Community Policing in the 21st Century
Chapter 3. Identifying and Responding to Problems Within the Community: Three Case Studies
Part II. Responses to Specific Crime Types
Chapter 4. Community Policing and Terrorism
Chapter 5. Community Policing and Gangs
Chapter 6. Community Policing and Hate Crime
Chapter 7. Community Policing and Militarism
Chapter 8. Community Policing and Drugs
Part III. Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 9. Net Widening and Social Control
Chapter 10. Community Policing and the Use of Force
Part IV. Department Organization and Challenges
Chapter 11. Police and the Media
Chapter 12. Community Policing: The Men and Women in Uniform
Chapter 13. Community Policing and Police Administration
Part V. Where Do We Go From Here?
Chapter 14. Community Policing, Engagement, and Outreach
Chapter 15. The Future of Community Policing


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Key features
  • Case Study boxes provide real-world examples of community policing programs that give students an operational understanding of community engagement and outreach.
  • Think About It exercises ask students to critically think about the issues surrounding community policing and police in general.
  • Unique chapters on militarization, net widening and social control, and use of force offer a critical perspective on current police practices and provide the most recent research findings related to community policing.
  • Topical chapters show community policing in action with chapters on terrorism, gangs, hate crimes, and drug enforcement.
  • Opening vignettes in every chapter provides a relevant and illustrative story that introduces readers to the section’s content.

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