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Introduction to Criminology

Introduction to Criminology
Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior

11th Edition
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April 2023 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Introduction to Criminology, Eleventh Edition is a comprehensive introduction to the study of criminal behavior,  focusing on the vital core of criminology — theory, method, and criminal behavior. With more attention to crime typologies than most introductory texts, Hagan and Daigle investigate all forms of criminal activity, such as organized crime, white collar crime, political crime, and environmental crime. The methods of operation, the effects on society and policy decisions, and the connection between theory and criminal behavior are all explained in a clear, accessible manner. 

Part I: Foundations of Criminology
Chapter 1 · Introduction to Criminology
Chapter 2 · Research Methods in Criminology
Chapter 3 · General Characteristics of Crime and Criminals
Chapter 4 · What Is Victimology?
Part II: Theories of Criminology
Chapter 5 · Early and Classical Criminological Theories
Chapter 6 · Biological and Psychological Theories
Chapter 7 · Sociological Mainstream Theories
Chapter 8 · Sociological Critical Theories and Integrated Theories
Part III: Crime Typologies
Chapter 9 · Violent Crime
Chapter 10 · Property Crime: Occasional, Conventional, and Professional
Chapter 11 · White-Collar Crime: Occupational and Corporate
Chapter 12 · Political Crime and Terrorism
Chapter 13 · Organized Crime
Chapter 14 · Public Order Crime
Chapter 15 · Cybercrime and the Future of Crime

The eleventh edition of Introduction to Criminology attempts to honor the past of criminology while adding new material from contemporary 21st-century crime and criminology. In addition to updating all statistics, this edition features discussion of the Covid-19 pandemic and its relationship to crime and victimization. In addition, new sections on emerging criminological theories such as Queer Criminology and the Neurobiology of Trauma are included. Readers will also find expanded coverage of campus sexual assault, future and cybercrimes, and romance scams as well as new methodological tools such as network analysis and photo-ethnography. Updated real-world examples and news events are provided to illustrate the connection between criminological theory, crime types, and the real-world.

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